Cocktailz on the road

The cocktail duo of Fiesta Europa!

Stijn and C-J are two young entrepreneurs with an alcohol problem... The problem is mainly in the weekends, when they buy to much alcohol. Therefore they are looking for volunteers to enjoy their delicious cocktails. A large assortment of mocktails (non-alcoholic) is also provided for the Bob and Bobettes.

In 2018, Stijn and C-J started this adventure with a small food truck and big dreams. Thus, they have since expanded from a small menu to more than 25 different types of cocktails and mocktails. For the Gin-Tonic lovers, these 2 cocktail freaks have a large assortment of different gins. Also, the house cocktail called Woo Woo, is a must try.

Cocktailz On The Road guarantees delicious drinks and a total experience. They are eager to welcome everyone with a big smile.