Fiesta Europa: The most fun event for the whole family

Fiesta Europa is an international festive market. As a visitor at Fiesta Europa, you can come and DISCOVER, Taste and Savor all the beauty and goodies that our beautiful continent has to offer. Vendors from all over Europe offer specialties from their country or region. The best international dishes, freshly prepared on the spot, can be enjoyed on the cosy terrace, whether or not accompanied by a delicious drink. Meanwhile, live musicians bring visitors into the perfect vacation atmosphere and children can have fun under supervision in the children's village. You can find out all about it on this site and via our social media. 
But above all: EXPERIENCE the unique atmosphere at Fiesta Europa that makes you feel like you're on vacation. Immerse yourself in that irresistible mix of languages and cultures, tastes, smells and colors. Have a chat with the very friendly stallholders who are eager to present their goods, learn a few words of Hungarian, practice your Italian, French or German, ... and all that close to home without expensive travel.  
In short: the ultimate vacation feeling in your own country. See you soon.

Taste, enjoy, discover, experience.