Joining Fiesta Europa

Our Concept

Fiesta Europa is a unique, contemporary and original market concept.

From the beginning of April to the beginning of October, we go from city to city with Fiesta Europa, each time for 3, 4 or 5 days.

Fiesta Europa is an international multi-day party market. Vendors from all over Europe offer specialities from their country or region. We turn this market into a festive event by expanding it with an international food court where locally made food and drinks are served, a cosy terrace to enjoy all that good food, a stage with live music, a children's village, etc.

The target audience of Fiesta Europa is the active population. Families with children, two-income couples with something to spend.

Over the years, our events become more and more known and better. Fiesta Europa is known for its unique atmosphere. Everything revolves around experience and conviviality. Discover, enjoy, taste and experience are our key words.


Besides our Fiesta Europa markets, we also organize winter events, you have the opportunity to participate in our pop-up initiatives,...

Why participate

Here's why it is very interesting to join Fiesta Europa:

-We have tons of experience as an organizer. We work with a strong team of employees and with rock solid partners.

-We enjoy an excellent reputation.

-We have excellent cooperation with the cities where we are guests.

-We offer a complete and customer-oriented service. Everything is taken care of by us. We offer support, take care of your concerns and always look for solutions.

-Participants have the option of storing goods in our own warehouses that are accessible 24/7.

-You get maximum product protection as a participant. We want as much variety as possible at our events and as little competition between them as possible.

-We use competitive rates.

-Loyal participants who participate in all our markets are rewarded with a substantial discount.

-Participants who produce and sell their own products can enjoy our special crafts rate.

-Last but not least, our events are covid-safe. There are virtually no restrictive measures.

-In short: Fiesta Europa offers great opportunities to significantly increase your turnover, significantly expand your customer base, increase your brand awareness, ... in a pleasant way.

Who are we looking for ?

Do you recognize yourself?

-You are a professional market vendor.

-You sell authentic products, solid and at the right price.

-You are enterprising.

-You are tired of being confronted with competitors who sell lower quality products or at a lower price.

-You don't want to keep looking for reliable organizers who offer affordable and good events.

-You want to work in a pleasant and collegial atmosphere.

-You want the right target audience at your markets.

-You want to push your boundaries (literally) and come and sell at your neighbors in Belgium.

-You want no hassle and to be able to concentrate on what you do best: selling your goods.

-You want job security all year round.


You often think:

-Wish there was an organizer who could take away all my worries and satisfy all my desires.


Fiesta Europe offers you the complete solution.


How much does it cost to join?

We apply separate rates for:
-Food court participants who serve food and drinks prepared on site and intended for consumption on our terrace;
-Market stallholders selling products to take home (this can be food or non-food).
The rates depend, among other things, on the size of the stand and on how many days the market lasts. They therefore differ from town to town.
In principle, the standard rates apply to market stallholders. The preferential rates are applied in the following cases:
-Market stall holders selling their own products benefit from the preferential rates;
-New stallholders who are taking part in Fiesta Europa for the first time can take part in up to 3 markets on an introductory basis at the special rate.
-Loyal stallholders who participate in all our markets are rewarded with our preferential rate. That way you can save many hundreds of euros.


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