What our small country is great at: brewing beer. That Belgium is a beer country is a truism. Did you know that we have about 1500 beer brands and more than 700 different taste profiles? The Belgian beer culture is more alive today than ever. There are the different types of beer or the method of brewing. High, low, spontaneous or mixed fermentation, light or dark beer, fruity, bitter or sour: there is a beer for everyone's taste. It is not without reason that Belgian beer culture is on the Unesco list of protected intangible heritage. Not to mention the fact that beer brings people of all ages together. Beer culture is passed on in pubs, restaurants, at home, in breweries open to the public, in beer museums, in all kinds of publications, at beer festivals, and so on.
With our project Best Belgian Beer on Tour, we want to contribute to the propagation of the Belgian beer culture. With our unique and well-equipped mobile beer dispenser (up to 5 beers on tap), sometimes in combination with our mobile beer shop, we participate in events at home and especially abroad. Everything revolves around the Belgian beer experience. All possible special beers can be put in the spotlight by us. We are therefore not tied to one brewery or to a particular type of beer. We also keep the type of events we participate in broad. It may be a beer festival or a specialised beer event, an open-air food and drink festival, but also a food fair or an indoor beer fair.

Do you know of a specific event at home or abroad where our Best Belgian Beer project could provide added value?
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