Since 2007 we have developed an original market concept called Fiesta Europa. We have used foreign examples as an inspiration. . In essence, we try to unite as many market merchants of different European countries to offer them a stand on the international market for a couple of days (Fiesta Europa). They often bring specialties from their own country or region. These products are not limited to gastronomical products such as local recipes and regional products, but also include a wide range of nonfood products such as leather goods, gems, soaps, wood carvings, fabrics, etc. They come from all over Europe: from Finland to England and from Hungary to Italy.

On an average Fiesta Europa market, we present 40 participants from around 14 different countries. Fiesta Europa events often stretch a few days, usually including a weekend at an appealing location like Central Square. As a result, we can offer you a colorful and qualitative European market with a very variable assortment. You could call it a “feast” among the European market merchants. The fact that most of the participants are from foreign countries and do not speak our language, gives the market an air of authenticity and brings about a genuinely pleasant atmosphere. This casual and comfortable character attracts a lot of the visitors.

In the past few years Fiesta Europa has evolved from an international marked to a full-fledged four day event. Aspects such as animation for the children and street animation, a stage with fantastic live music contribute to the perfect atmosphere. The organization of special events such as international breakfast buffets, night markets and the making of course packages for schools shows the possibility for diversity of our concept. It is not without reason that our key words are: DISCOVER – ENJOY – TASTE – EXPERIENCE.

The Fiesta Europa markets know a fast and increasing success and the name of Fiesta Europa is getting more well known. Thanks to our visitors’ enthusiasm, we notice that everywhere Fiesta Europa comes to town, the public values and appreciates the event. The local catering sector as well as the small and medium-sized businesses benefit from the situation. Furthermore, the local public services and their partners are very often pleased with the cooperation and the result of Fiesta Europa.


What started in 2007 as a small experiment on the Geelse Eurofeesten has in the meantime grown to a summer tour of 6 up to 7 months, from Easter to October, a period during which we land in a different city each week. Fiesta Europa is mainly active in Flanders, but also organizes events in Brussels, the Netherlands and Germany. We visit most places annually; some cities we visit only once, or once every few years. Cities such as Ghent, Antwerp and Leuven are each year on the programme. But also the smaller cities such as Nieuwpoort, Brasschaat and Beveren always welcome us as their guest.

In addition to the basic concept of Fiesta Europa, which is our showpiece, we also organize other derived concepts. This could be a “French market”, an “Italian market”, an “International Christmas village”, a “European wine festival” or anything else we set our mind to. We always deliver customized work adapted to the wishes and circumstances of each location and always set with the same goal: delivering an event that is experienced as a unique phenomenon.


Who we are

Fiesta Europa can definitely been seen as something out of the ordinary in relation to the organization of events. In addition to that we are without a doubt an expert when it comes to international markets. We are thinkers and as well as doers on all levels. We are constantly on the lookout for events that bring an added value to our concept. At the same time, we are responsible for the production and execution of these ideas from A to Z.

This happens, of course, in cooperation with carefully chosen partners. The combination of creation, production, logistic know-how, experience and expertise is what makes us unique and this constitutes also one of our strengths.

Add to this recipe some professionalism, enthusiasm and passion and a strong care for the human factor and environmental element and you will immediately understand why Fiesta Europa is such a success!



The concept of Fiesta Europa did not just come out of nothing. Ever since the beginning of the nineties, the initiative takers have built up a considerable amount of international experience by partaking as market merchants in markets all over Europe. This lead to a strong network of valuable international contacts. It is that know-how that we have been relying on since 2007 to develop our new initiatives. After a few successful experiments, the process was speeded up and today, Fiesta Europa is a well-founded and experienced organization that has a bright look on the future ahead.

How we work

Personal approach
We guarantee a personal service in combination with a unique concept. We always make clear arrangements and have meetings regularly. Our partners can always count on our arrangements being lived up to and deadlines and budgets being well respected.

Every project is the work of people and that is why we value the importance of good relations between all parties involved.

We only realize projects that stand out through originality. Our events are spontaneous, qualitative and contemporary which all adds to the desired result.

We have years of experience and a countless number of references. Thanks to this experience we have an extended network of valuable contacts. We gladly provide our partners with our expertise and knowledge.


Fiesta Europa is a concept with an overall European character. It brings Europe closer to the people in an original and tangible way. The event calls to life a multicultural aspect and authenticity which contributes to a comfortable vacation vibe. It adds to a colorful and pleasant market.

Fiesta Europa has the ambition to attract participants from all 28 member states of Europe. We look for possibilities to achieve that goal and will investigate the possibilities of close cooperation with European institutions. All suggestions concerning this cooperation are more than welcome.


More and more companies finance our events and offer to be our sponsor, patron or financer.

Fiesta Europa offers a lot of interesting opportunities on this level: an open air event with a great number of visitors, appealing locations in Flanders and beyond, the international (European) character, positive attention in the media, a popular website and Facebook page. You name it! In other words, an interesting possibility for your company to link in one way or another the name of Fiesta Europa to your name.

Among the possibilities is advertising space, through flyers, banner or other visuals during our markets. But we can also organize a meeting space for you and your international business clients in for example an internationally inspired reception, etc. The sky is the limit!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will also be glad to receive any suggestion you may have and listen carefully to your proposals.

Curious? Questions?

Do you want to react or are you interested in Fiesta Europa as a city, province, organization, public servant, journalist, market merchant or visitor? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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